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Every morning dip is purchased. All trash is bought. Every single decline is a buying opp. This appears to be the realty we are once again in.

I made an index inside Stocklabs of Fallen A List stocks. These aren’t necessarily great companies, but stocks that used to be good and fell hard last year. Risk is most definitely on in 2023 and the best stocks are the worst and the worst performing stocks are the one’s that you’d think should be up — just such defense contractors.

NOC is down 19% YTD.

I have a pre set portfolio of longs that I’m gonna leave alone today. I only closed out my fucking hedges and added UPST to the mix — because UPST is a piece of shit that is perfect for this bizaaro market.

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  1. soupbone

    Yes, but still nothing big in the cards. To say nothing about geopolitical risk and inflation and debt: Fed pause to S&P low averages 9 months later. Fed cut #1 to S&P low averages 6 months later. Since 1957. There is wide range to be found but there is even more so a misunderstanding out there. And it is coupled with narrative, as always.
    (Thanks Dennis, for the data if you ever read this).

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