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This happens on occasion. I let the hubris get the better of me and completely fuck myself. It all started this morning when the market opened and ended when it closed. I had great successes, but squandered them like a fucking moron — because I was greedy and felt entitled to more. There is no lesson in any of this because I already know what I did wrong and how it happened. I only get to deal with consequences and those results are DOWN 0.57% for the day.

Now I know what some of you losers are thinking: “Hello Dear Fly, chin up my boy — down 0.57% isn’t much to get yourself rabbled roused about. Have yourself a pint.”


My expectations were to make money today and then come on here and tell you about it. Instead, I get to recount a tale of failure and permit license to some of my enemies to laugh and feeeeeeeel good about my plight. Well, and I will have you know now, I do intend to seek out a vicious form of revenge and will not rest until I do so.

For the year, I am +4.5% and I have not even begun to extend my cock into this market. Dare I suggest and even say with certainty — I shall stand before you yet again vicious and with the severed heads of my enemies hanging from my belt buckle — as I actively saw off the legs of the others in my way.


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  1. metalleg

    “For the year, I am +4.5% and I have not even begun to extend my cock into this market.”

    Do you kiss your wife with that mouth?

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