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I don’t have much to say and really didn’t feel like blogging this morning; but I have a job to do and one of those jobs is to come here to toil each and every day.

The market is being led by SHITCAPS and SHITCOINS, the more obscene the better. TSLA is busting loose and that angers me because I have a long term accumulation plan and I’ve only bought a little so far. I was wishing for lower prices to buy more but you permanent bulls had to ruin it.

The action is bullish and it feeeels good. But feelings change and everyone falls out of love eventually. This is NOT the bottom.

Nevertheless, I’ll allocate 100% to the long side after 12:30pm today, as I always do on the first trading day of every week. I’m up just 21bps so far today — but that’s alright and I really don’t compare my gains to anything else. I’m content being up nearly 6% for the month. Why wouldn’t I be?

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