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I won’t bother linking sources to where I heard Putin was going to make a major announcement tomorrow. Suffice it today, I want to believe it is true therefore it is. Henceforth, you will believe it too.

News from the battlefront points to a meeting in Germany inside two days to decide the fate of German tanks to Ukraine. The new defense minister of Germany said the single red line they have is not to be involved in World War 3 — an interesting choice of words. The other issue is continuous Russian advances, although incremental, inside The Donbas. I will say this with absolute certitude, it would be impossible for Russia to ever lose a war against Ukraine. It will not end with Ukraine landing in Crimea, atop a rainbow colored US submarine — declaring they made Putin turn trans. Even if Ukraine was able to rout Russia from the battlefield, Russia would attack Ukraine every day for the next thousand years until nothing was left of Ukraine.

Then we have the former advisor to Zelensky issuing a bizarre interview, more or less calling out Ukraine for their idiotic foreign policy of wanting Russians out of Ukraine only to have said Russians come back to Ukraine with an army. This gent was FIRED for admitting the recent civilian building hit in Dnipro was the result of a Russian missile being intercepted and not Russia intentionally targeting the civilian high-rise.

The other consistent thing I’ve been reading about is foreign mercenaries inside Bakhmut. Several sources have claimed seeing black soldiers on the Ukrainian side and thousands of poles. The US and UK are now actively training division size groupings of Ukrainians and it seems Ukraine has an endless supply of men to spend on the battlefield in favor of diplomats who could perhaps end the fighting.

The prevailing wisdom of the west is such: we must break and shatter the Russian economy and people, militarily destroy it, and then split Russia into five separate nations, whereby western businesses could return to Russia with money and equipment to tap the seemingly endless supply of Russian resources. We must do this in order to “show China” because they’re getting uppity and have banned feminized boys from their TEEVEES and also they’re meddling in Taiwan and we like Taiwan to make our semiconductors and they’re part of our Asian cabal with Japan and the lipstick wearing men listening to Kpop in S. Korea. So we must break Russia, even if it risks world war and nuclear detonations — because the plight of man is to subjugate the weak and it’s fun to pretend we’re still mighty — since all of the books we have written about ourselves tell us so and the movies also declare us to be of super-human qualities. Ergo, and this goes without saying, we can defeat Russia on their front step because we have something both Hitler and Napoleon didn’t have: tranny brigades.

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  1. longrun


    Spot on olde chap

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  2. calkid13

    pffff, nobody wants to break up Russia.
    You think there is some way to appease Russia out of this war?

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  3. Cricket

    September 2022 will be seen by historians as the moment NATO took control of Ukraine and it’s military actions against Russia.

    Russia is in an existential conflict with Ukraine and NATO. They cannot back down.

    Russia’s existential position will draw the arrogant but highly vulnerable US/NATO into an existential crisis. This is what is at play as the war escalates.

    Keep in mind that interest rates rise sharply when war is at hand. Historical fact. Sovereign risks increase at times of war.

    Unless cooler heads soon prevail, and I mean soon, we are looking at WW3. For sure.

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    • calkid13

      Cricket, you got it backwards, Ukraine is an existential conflict with Russia.
      Russia can withdraw their troops tomorrow and continue to exist no problem.
      If Ukraine withdraws its troops tomorrow there is no more Ukraine.
      Any 5 year old understands this….jeezz

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