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If per chance you missed out on this rally, you are trading emotionally and should be banned from accessing your brokerage accounts. I recognized a deep ugliness in myself several months ago and about a month ago took action — AGAINST MYSELF — to concoct a scheme that would relegate me into the 100% long camp. I know this sounds insane for someone who goes online every day and calls for “the end of western finance as we know it.” But that is exactly what I did — because I knew the tricksters would eventually win, pull rabbits out from their assholes, and all would go up again as if nothing had ever happened.

Well well well. Here we are STEAMING higher once again on news that the Fed is only going to twist their little knives in us a bit more before taking it out and seeing us bleed out on the ground. I am +250bps today, in spite of my candid belief that markets should in fact trade lower by 100%.

About mid morning I applied a 15% hedge via SQQQ and am down 3% on it and yet my gains are still bountiful.

The reason for all this is simple. I am a professional investor who understands how to comport himself in various tapes and places. I am mature enough, seasoned even, to understand when my feeeeeeelings are irrelevant and when my instincts might prove to be profoundly life saving. Indeud.

I am now +3.1% for the year, averaged a return of +191% since 2020.

This account was launched live inside Stocklabs at $100k back in 2020.

Markets have surged. Rates have collapsed. Nothing can stop the new bull.

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