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The ball of the bears are now inside of a vise being squeezed tight. The idea of a rally sprang upon them like a Jack in the Box armed with a dagger and now with the market busting loose from every single aspect of asset class — it would seem appropriate to position into stocks heavily bear’d up in order to kill them.

I traded out of UPST for a 5.5% gain — but that one is still good. In addition to my normal holdings, I took half positions in a number of heavily shorted stocks, truly hated names, for the absurdity of the rally to come.

It seems, and this is most unfortunate to me, the bear case is dwindling fast. I have all but given away my gains in 2023 in inverse triple fuck you you’re dead ETFs in a valid attempt to stop America. But I have failed with that venture and must come to grips with the idea of trannies trading inside of heavily shorted stocks and winning and then said trannies heading on over to the Wall Street bull statue to cut its balls off and make it one of their own.

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    Couldn’t find a pic of bear’s balls eh?

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