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Nothing stops it. There were bids all day long and sellers were quickly disposed of and incinerated inside crematorias.

I will have you know — I gained 1.07% today, whilst being skinned alive in yet another wayward sojourn into hedging. I closed out my SOXS with 30 mins to go — but then reapplied some SQQQ at the bell.

I will tell you this only between me and you: I am spiritually very bearish. But my senses point to higher prices and I can feeeeeeeel the momentum building and the panic amidst the bears — FOMO accumulating and the bulls renvigored with viagra pills ready to fuck.

I only hedged out of sentiment and will likely lose money on it first thing this morning. As a point in fact, I am likely to continue hedging and losing for the balance of the year, or even for as long as I live!

Hedging will commence until the blood is flowing heavily through the streets. And it will be then and then only shall I be satiated and happy to set my focus on other things, aside from the complete destruction of the stock exchange.

This are just the candid thoughts of one man.

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