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Almost immediately after posting that I had gone to cash, I stepped in and bought some upside ETFs. I sold them just now and replaced them with some stocks, +112bps for the session. My YOLO is still ALL IN ERX +6% and my Quant is +2.3%. It’s fair to say the Turkey Gods descend upon you now.

All picks and ideas and chat are localed inside the confined of Stocklabs.

With the Dow +300 and Nasdaq +90, I believe this is the perfect spot to short squeeze bears into an assured famine for Thanksgiving. Listen to me, this is where you LEAN IN and go for the jugular vein. Just stick your hand in there and rip it out.

My picks are going to be based upon the technical rankings of Stocklabs, in conjunction with % of shares sold short.

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  1. soupbone

    Nice pick ERX. Late cycle, volatile, inflation hedge but not just inflation this time. The subdued, bypassed, extremely complex and under-capitalised energy sector faces no viable and sustainable alternative ESG solution. Rising rates will cement that foot hold even more.

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