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I made +181bps in trading, as I pressed the envelope and went all in long at 115% of equity. My other accounts were up even more, as I remain at or near 52 week highs — unaffected by the great bear market that has ripped so many of you to shreds.

It’s a funny thing I left the world of professional money management because it felt parasitic to me, to now just offer the same advice for a 99.9% discount. It’s even funnier to deliver returns in the public view that would get my dick sucked in my former world and receive nothing but yawns online — since most people just discard anything they read as promotional bullshit by persons selling wares.

Into the final day of trading before FAT FUCK THURSDAY, I am incredibly bullish and have positioned myself to hammer in the faces of bears with the rage of 10,000 Fly’s angry at the NY Met’s 2008 collapse.

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  1. my2cintz

    You’d get your due if it was easier to see how you were doing. Maybe create a Fly Index that tracks the performance of your trading port vis-à-vis the marker and give it a permanent home over there in the top right hand corner in place of the Stocklabs ad goes. You’d probably get a lot more click-thru on that than the ad anyway.

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