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Permanent Rotation Underway

Get used to bankruptcy filings and hell. The idea of BNPL stocks recovering and SHOP to $300 again is nothing more, or less, than fantasy. The new economy is the old one: old man stocks dusty from decades of dormancy. Stocks like TR and FLO are shining amidst the rubble, and yet, still, a large cadre of you continue to chase after growth stocks based off some notion that the Fed will stop twisting their knife into your guts.

The very fact remains, once the Fed removes their blade, you’ll bleed out and die.

It should be said, and it will be said here, if you continue to play in traffic, at some point, you will be flattened out and killed. Get on the sidewalk and wait for the red light to change.

+80bps for the session, long secular stocks.

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