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We are seeing a profound escalation in the war today, with Russian assets targeting Ukrainian infrastructure, something, if you recall, is part and parcel of the first days of any U.S. prosecuted war. When we do it, it was shock and awe. When Russia does it, it’s war crimes. Everyone sees through the double standard and only the truly idiotic people believe the bullshit.

Here is the unvarnished truth.

The people don’t deserve this shit. The people of Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and now Ukraine did not deserve this shit. In the case of US wars against “enemies”, there wasn’t much those nations could’ve done to stop our bombing, save become a vassal of America. In the case of Zelensky, all he had to do was expel NATO (an absurd idea in the first place) and strike a conciliatory tone with Russia — but he chose to antagonize and make Russia his enemy and here we are — with the people suffering the consequences of his actions.

As for markets — we are running higher now and I have a blend of long and shorts, down 20bps for the session. I am bearish but understand markets get stretched and bounce hard after the sellers exhaust themselves. Even during the very worst of markets, rallies happen so bear that in mind. I will likely maintain a long/short hedge in an effort to prevent drawdowns of any significant degree.

Speculation is Russia is massing forces in Belarus and might invade again from the north, so be prepared for further escalation.

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  1. soupbone

    Zelensky and Trudeau were in the ‘young leaders program’ together at the WEF Davos. I suppose they were indoctrinated into the Clan.

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    • roguewave

      Z is certifiably insane. ‘ wonder how his approval rating will do with his supposed constituents shivering in the dark. Go ahead, blow up another bridge.
      He must have missed the day in his stand-up training when they covered fallout. No, not political fallout, radioactive fallout.

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