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Thank heavens. We have seen some quality FUD being promoted today — as Vlad positions to wage total war in the Ukraine. The reality is likely to be far less inspiring than the theories being floated now. However, I an eternally hopeful.

I am finally feeling 90% better after two weeks of COVID, son of a bitch. I have traded well, mostly long, but only down 15bps because I am a professional and I understand how to trade.

Into the close, we are hopeful for a full blown collapse, predicated on so many things. It’s worth noting, however, I am keenly aware of the devils around me with bottomless pockets who cravenly hide in the shadows waiting for an opportunity to produce “fuck you green candles” into the faces of innocent bears.

I cannot and will not be fooled.

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  1. tha pirate

    F.U. candle currently underway Cap’n!

    Ooooooh Yeeeeeess!!! Long live Paul Bearer!

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