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… while I am out of the office with my family walking and eating around DC. OF COURSE THIS WOULD HAPPEN, providing me with losses of 1.6% for the session. I’m not even gonna try to understand what is happening or try to fix it. I sold all but DECK, BTU and UVIX. With just 20% long, I doubt the market can fuck me even further — but you never know.

Yesterday I had a nice salient and was able to etch out 75bps of gains, in spite of early losses. And today, naturally, all of that was revoked and much more.

I hadn’t looked at my portfolio in hours and figured if I just didn’t look at it, something great would happen. However, seeing the market now, I can see that isn’t happening and because I was loaded up with piece of shit short squeezes, I felt it was appropriate to mitigate the damage.

I’ll be here for another day and back to trading with a furrowed brow on Friday.

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