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Markets Yawn at the Specter of War with China

Markets barely moved down and will likely rise tomorrow after China does nothing and simply accepts the fact that Speaker Pelosi isn’t worth starting a war over. While I’d love nothing more than to see Pelosi’s plane intercepted in Minecraft and shot down, I don’t think that’s a likely scenario and god forbid anything like that happened. Speaker Pelosi is a patriot and a great trader. We support her here at iBC.

Moving on. I am positioned, nevertheless, for a potential missile strike on Taiwan via YANG. Other than that, I have a small short on oils via DRIP and the rest long with 55% cash.

I never averaged down in VRAX, in spite of wanting to triple down. The fucking stock sank so fast and so retarded without news, I was simply cowed into watching it drop by 75%. Today’s 105% bump does nothing for me, as I moved up merely 27bps for the session.

The BIG mover in recent weeks has been scam stock HKD, up from $12 to $850, also sans news.

It’s a low float China stock and rules do not apply here. At some point it will crash to zero. But for now, it is ANNIHILATING the shorts and crushing them into dust. This is why you do not sell short runners.

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