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Amazon and Apple report after the bell. Both stocks represent about 50% weighting in the SPY. In short, the fate of the markets lies in the balance.

I am extremely cautious to chase here knowing full well that if those two fuckers warn the entire market will fall by the wayside tomorrow. If they beat, we might jimmy a bit higher tomorrow in a short squeeze.

Today’s ebullience stems from the fact that Congress is printing $369b for their retarded green initiatives, saving the planet via corruption.

BIG DICKED energy is found in monkeypox stocks too, as the gays are at it again. I am keen to play these stocks and awfully regretful for selling SIGA at the open this morning before the run. Sometimes you win big, other times you just win.

I’ve given back some here today, +70bps, down from +130bps. These things happen and my short bets have taken on some water, as we meander higher blindly into perdition.

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  1. soupbone

    supply chain impacted
    part of excess retail inventories
    inflation impacted
    consumer spending super-sensitive

    big enough to wash the numbers for a while but no, not feeling lucky.

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