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I sold it all, up 35bps for the session as a gentleman should in a dastardly tape, such as this. I have decided to work less today — due to UNFORSEEN events that have unfolded, which have, in large part, made me furious.

As a boy I had a sharp temper and once threw my best friend out from a tree, as a result. I’d get so mad I’d turn red (yes I am white) and use my anger to punch the faces of other people. As I grew older I fought less because it’s degenerate; and as an adult — I have yet to partake in a match of fist o’ cuffs. But sometimes I do feel like it. Deep down, we are all base creatures who fall victim to carnal desires. Although I am, admittedly, quite good at temperance and pretty much never fall prey to vice.

That being said, FUCK OFF.

I am in cash because this tape is dreadful. I am already up. I am in a bad mood. And lastly, I am suspicious of bulls wanting to pick up live grenades — because they’re assholes and deserve to get their limbs blown off.

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    How’s the Reno going ?

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