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All morning I have been entertaining contractors for the new home, just now two at once. In the morning I was a trash man — since the former owner of the house left a big pile of fucking trash for me in the garage without a bin — I approached the trash man who asked me to throw the 20lb bag of trash 10 ft high into his fucking truck. Needless to say, I did not make it and the trash subsequently fell on the floor.

All this and my broker dealer was wonky as fuck this morning led to me placing trades late and then falling prey to the belief system that stocks are permitted to trade up. I closed my longs and my shorts and went long TQQQ — like a moron — and now I am -1.1% on a day when I should be up.

Although 1.1% isn’t much and I am 90% cash, it pains me to even look at it. I do not have the patience for these sort of losses and will do whatever I can to avoid losing more. The present conditions of my accounts, all at or near RECORD highs, is counter to my actual life where things go astray as often as I fall asleep at night and the idea of me having both success and happiness is something I gave up on long ago, as boy turned to man and the difficulties of life and the pangs and horrors of hiring contractors for menial work grates at the very fiber of my existence.

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  1. john galt

    Oh to have watched the toss, we’ve all been there. House is on the market, see what all these shenanigans bring. Looks like a mountain climb is in my future today, fresh air at 10k brings clarity.

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  2. purdy

    Southern Fly: “Goodness, I’m dealing with movers and their having put mah belongings into boxes.” (fans his face lest a bead of sweat form on his brow) “Even worse, I de-clay-ah, the help did not properly prepare the house for me.” “There are even men with sticks with claw thingies who are banging on things.”

    What would NYC Fly think of this dilatant?

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