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Listen to me. The halcyon days of Chamath and other FUCKED FOR FACES on Twitter providing you with winning stock ideas is over. This is the era of the Orc and Middle Earth is a busting volcano of danger and doom festooned all over your net worth.

You need to understand that GROWTH IS SLOWING. Therefore growth stocks aren’t reasonable investments.

Today in Stocklabs only secular stocks that are risk averse are performing. This is impressive since the NASDAQ is battleaxed down 330. Notice how the Dow is only down 60?

Here are some risk averse stocks for you to peruse:
TR, MCD, CPB, GOLD, LMT, K, KR, GIS, AEP, MKC just to name a few.

Earlier today I went ALL IN on this trade, doubling up on my risk averse names an now stand before you UP 5bps for the session.

I couldn’t lose money even if I tried.

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  1. soupbone

    This era of growth is dependant on smart phones and many people have smart phone contracts that will prove to be discretionary spending as quick as fuck. And not get renewed as there is always a new way to be cool.

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