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I’ve blogged enough today, plus I was busy combining both of my books into one hardcover — which should be ready for your libraries in about 5 days.

If you’re confused about the market and why you’re losing, do this.

If you had X amount of dollars to invest now, would you buy the stocks in your portfolio now? If the answer is no, sell them. If you own all high tech growth stocks, you’re only hope is for a miracle and this is a great way to lose money.

Invest in stocks TRENDING HIGHER not lower. Why knife catch SHOP when CHK is going higher daily?


Do you see this?

The vast majority of the losses are in the early mornings, whereas the rallies in the afternoons. Why head into any trading day where the bias is down without a hedge to profit from that direction?

CLOSE OUT SAID HEDGES IN MORNING alongside most if not all of your stocks.

No need to over-trade. If you open higher by 1%, book it. Close them all out and wait for the afternoon to position again.

This is a toxic tape and only the very best can navigate it, so why pretend you can handle the tick tock?

I closed +54bps on the session, leveraged at 122% long old man stocks with downside hedges.

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  1. ace noodle boy
    ace noodle boy

    Sir, thank you for all the content today. Blogging like the wind.

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    • john galt

      It’s a beautiful thing to appreciate whilst reflecting on the day, much like now with green in the trees and white on the mountains. Good stuff

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  2. Cricket

    Remember “Build Back Better” that was proudly declared by almost every western leader from Davos to DC?

    The effort to kill fossil fuels is killing the green agenda. Especially electric cars, wind and solar (and nuclear).

    From the IEA, some price increases during March 2021 to March 2022 for minerals and metals needed for the green revolution:

    Lithium +738%
    Cobalt +156%
    Nickel +94%
    Aluminium +76%
    Copper +34%

    Russia is a top 10 (in some cases the world’s largest) producer of each of these materials: uranium, copper nickel, graphite, cobalt, platinum, palladium and aluminium. Australia produces about half the world’s lithium.

    Australia may be prepared to accept US dollars, but Russia is going to want Rubles. US/EU/NATO does not want to comply. Where does this end?

    Wondering if the US and EU are becoming frenemies under this pressure. Seems to be heading that way.

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    • roguewave

      Before you can Build Back Better you must first destroy what you have to clear the slate. I guess we are still in the destruction phase.

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  3. roguewave

    Natty headed for $10

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