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It was. a race to CRASH THE FUCKING CLOSE again and this time I was tricked into believing the great Big Titted Santa Claus rally was going to happen. I was lulled into the warmth of a hot mug of hot chocolate, happy and content to apply wanton amounts of risk. I stepped in fully long while +18bps and my gains quickly increased to +90bps. I was feeling quite successful and accomplished.

And then this shit happened.

I had to swallow my pride and change my plan, ditching many of my great stocks and in their stead 20% weight in TZA-UVXY to hedge. I closed exactly where I was before I started buying, up on the day and happy about that, but pissed the fuck off by all of these Greek curses and abhorrent tapes that causes me to feel violated when trading.

It didn’t have to be like this. But you fucking bastards had to vote for Hunter Biden’s dad.

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  1. cancel19

    Sorry to hear. BTW the Greeks make the finest pastries and cookies indeud!

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