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Retail Shines; Everything Else Collapses

The retail trade is super strong today led by a double digit jump in M. Also, NVDA, QCOM and other mega caps are strong. However nice it is to see, everything else is collapsing.

Any questions?

I had strong trades overnight in NEGG, SNII, and others that propelled me to +1%; but I squandered it after chasing some bad stocks this morning and now I’m flat. I just sopped up a foray of stocks, mostly large capped, and expect to drawdown there too. The crypto trade has gone terribly wrong and pardon me for even suggesting this —- but is the run to Thanksgiving canceled?

Nevertheless, I’ll try my best. Wish me luck.

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  1. Mr. Cain Thaler

    So if retail is crushing sales but everything that supplies retail is in shambles, what is our best guess about where 4Q inflation numbers come in at?

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