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Thematic Trade Approaches

I booked a solid day in spite of not much happening in the market, +1.55%, due to wins in QUANTUM COMPUTING plays. I was alerted to this whilst listening to the fucks on CNBC shill for it yesterday and compiled a list of stocks and bought them today.

I traded in and out of IONQ twice and now hold a 2x sized position in SNII and also a 5% position in QUBT. This theme is young and could continue, or perhaps not. We are not promised tomorrow.

I got bogged on CSCO after the close and booked a 6.5% loss, selling it in the AHs. I am only down 15bps in the AHs — but suspect that will change dramatically in one way or another based on $NVDA earnings.

With 34% cash, no hedges, and two positions at 10% a piece weight, I enter tomorrow with moderate risk — which is acceptable providing I cut losses quickly should be dive lower.

Thus far, I am +5.5% for the month, +222% YTD.

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    GOOGL is the top quantum play

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