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Listen to me. If you’re simply looking the NASDAQ for a true gauge of the market in 2021, you’re retarded.

Here is what the market really did today, not taking into account the NASDAQ +121 for the session.

Pennies (250m and under) -0.61% with 36% breadth
Small caps -0.7% with 46% breadth
Mega Caps -0.1% with 52% breadth
Tera Caps +0.35% with 56% breadth

The rally was narrow and the intra-day whips oppressive. I managed, yet again, with magnificent alacrity and gained 0.77% in my trading and 1.76% in my quant. I closed with a hedge, 10% position in TZA, and 23% cash. My positions were of the larger capped nature and for the first time in days zero energy stocks.

I am seeing the market clearly and sense I am invincible now, nothing mortal can readily stop me from trading well when in a groove. Nothing more to say other than the market isn’t as pleasant as you think, requiring daily hedges into the close.

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    On a side note, saw your post a couple weeks back that mentioned cafe du monde. Never tried it before so I got some and french pressed it. Fucking amazing. Thanks for the tip.

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