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Sleeping Thru Lunch En Route to Late Afternoon Trading

There’s no need to trade from the hours of 11am to 2pm, as evidenced by the 4.5% loss I just booked on piece of shit crypto stock ARBK. It was my fault for venturing into a risky gambit, another sin that should be exorcized from my trading regimen.

Into the final hours I am once again looking to position bullishly, albeit with an overnight hedge, in only the very best stocks. To find the best stocks I use the tools available to me inside Stocklabs. If you’re not subscribed to Stocklabs and find yourself short of ideas and money making methods, just know it is because you are NOT SUBSCRIBED TO Stocklabs!

The market is bullish, but not so much. There are innumerable fades today in energy and small caps. If you’re not careful and without talent, you might just end the day with a loss.

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