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Bullish, At Least Temporarily

I closed +195bps, with a monster sized position in CLOV. The market didn’t “gun the close” and I did promise to “cut my dick off and eat it” if it didn’t; but I’m gonna go ahead and reneg on that shit — so fuck yourself.

Although markets were soft and uneventful from an index point of view, the under-currents were robust, especially in small capped names.

Some custom indexes in Stocklabs and their performance.

Crypto derivatives: +3.9%
Meme stocks +3.87%
2021 Market Meltdown stocks: +3.4% (Bill Huang names)
Biden Plays: +2.6%
Lithium: +2.4%
NFTs: +2.3%

As you can see, those sub-indexes showed meaningful returns. If you’re gonna trade and do it well — you need to be fucking informed. Stop bitching about the market and being as victim. Listen to me, be dominant and assert your will.


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    This is like the forth time you’ve made that promise now. No one takes it seriously anymore.

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