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As fate would have it, I went long AGQ in my suicide account at 200% leverage and now find myself thinking and behaving like Peter Schiff — wondering about the specter of wonderful inflation and how very soon all of you will be poor once your fiat currency collapses and bread is no longer sold at the store — for fear of harboring rapidly depreciating dollars. The entire world is on the verge of collapse, and of course all want the safe haven comforts of SOLID METAL in their hands — gold and silver bars to hold and cherish until wilted away like a piece of lettuce due to starvation.

I find myself to be most inappropriate now, justifying the grandiose stupidity of the trade, CAPSIZED for -14% at the present in the much smaller YOLO account that I manage. Fortunate for me, I am merely down 90bps in my grander, most eloquent account — which is bad too — especially given the circumstances of how WONDROUS And SUBLIME this tape is. I’d rather stick my head into the blades of a helicopter than being forced to manage money in this SHIT the rest of my life — dare I say.

My plans for the balance of the day is to eventually sell AGQ, move on, and attempt to bring my trading account back to green. I’d been struggling recently, not exactly crushing it nor losing either but rather middle of the road milquetoast performance. Something must give — but the way to change and bust loose is not becoming an indescribably obtuse gold bug, clamoring for collapses and burnings of the fiat. I will repent for my sins — accept my lumps like a man, and sin no more going forward.

All praise the holy dollar and also ETH!

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