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I will keep this brief, mainly because I do not FEEEEEEEEEEEL like blogging, since everyone seems to be making so much more than me. I toil and try and then I toil again — and all I have to show for it is +0.94% for the session. It is not FAIR that I am to mingle amongst the proletariat, enduring mediocre returns, all the while some FUCKERS out there make 38% for the day. Should I attempt to make 38% for the day, as Zeus is my witness, I shall be stricken down like the plague and cast out into the sea to drift endlessly until I die of thirst.

I am and always will be a servant to the market.

That being said, I like silver and reflation trades — because rates are heading up again. As long as rates head up, then inflation plays are good. Both gold and silver are incredibly stupid assets — but even stupid shines every so often.

I ended with 43% cash, doubled sized position in YOU — because New World Order and all of its trimmings by Fall.

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  1. soupbone

    38 percent can be small or big?
    How severe will the delta fourth wave be? The unvaxxed will take up or sit home. Can’t ask 60% of the population to lockdown again.

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    • roguewave

      Did they ‘ask’ the first time?
      If it’s about fairness; they can’t.
      Who said it was about fairness?

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