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Summer Malaise

Aside from NFT stocks like TKAT, OCG and YVR breaking necks to the upside, stocks are more or less doing nothing — with weakness persisting in a number of trading venues — leaving the band of loser at Reddit with very little recourse for comfort.

I am up 30bps, a gentleman’s return and have a mind for increasing it throughout the session. I am aware and reticent of the idea that I might, in fact, be diving into a mirage without water, head cracked directly to the bottom of the hard pool. Alas, I am willing to take such a chance, since my life is moribund and I have been locked down in my house since 2005, eagerly waiting to bust loose.

Trading is light, but my ideas are bountiful. We have several new features in the works at Stocklabs — coming soon — so bear with us.

Gentlemen, inflation is transitory. Go out there and receive your vaccinations and wear your masks whilst you eat and buy as many things as you can on Amazon and consoooom all of the teevee you can. Also make sure to train your children to be just like you.

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