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Time to Hide Inside the Jelly Jar

Rates have plunged to the point where it’s advantageous to own dividend stocks again. I’m talking about bore you to dead Tootsie Roll in the fucking house — collecting those divvies every quarter like that fuck owned you money. The days of fast money appear to be over. You can live in the past and lament and draw down like a bitch. Or you can easily slide into the jelly jar and slosh around for a bit — enjoying the nectar and the comfort of grocery store stocks — heading and also barreling into the Fall — as we spearhead directly into MARTIAL LAW and renewed lockdowns.

I know — you all took the vaccine and have been cured. Well, you’ll need to take it again and again and again — all the time — until you turn into a rhinoceros.

I threw away my good start and am down 0.4% now, 50% cash, old manned the fuck up — eager to find me some good 3% divvy payers into the sell off.

NOTE: If momo starts again, I’ll sell these the fuck out and dive headlong back into those fuckers. All trades given in RT inside Stocklabs only.



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