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Let Me Explain Something To Do

On a long enough timeline betting against Le Fly leaves you in a very precarious situation — destitute and transgendered.

I stand before you a very victorious man.

Let me show you how my day started, pre- market booking CLNN for +29% profit, purchased yesterday before the close based off a volume delta spike using Stocklabs tools.

Then I sold BCTX +2%, X -2.3%, SKIN +0.5%.

I was 70% cash, so I then dove back into the tape with a small portion of my cash, always keeping 65%+ of my account in cash — because the overall market was weak.

CLDX +3.47%
FWP +3.2%
LX +2.4%
SOXL +0.12%
HUIZ +5.6%
UPWK +4.9%
THMO +4.44%

And then an unfortunate loss of 4.4% in LUMN — placing me at +250bps for the session so far.

My plans are to continue to do exactly what I am doing here, pressing my God given rights afforded to me by the Gods, in order to gratiate myself with winnings and gravitas.

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