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Trading Back to Flat — Winning

I more or less took the day off and did nothing until 2pm, at which point I leisurely entered several trades and got myself back to even for the day, erasing a 100bps deficit. While this all seems uneventful, I will tell you I feel quite satisfied.

In my other accounts, I had a much more profitable day — spring boarding higher and enjoying the many luxuries of Stocklabs market timing algos.

The plan for tomorrow is more of the same, small, leisurely, type trades with a pointed goal of small pastoral gains. I am not looking for ribald returns, the type of gains one might scoff at for being uncouth. No, instead, “The Fly” will comport himself as a gentleman should and paper hand trade his way towards elitist styled returns.

Over in crypto land, dinosaurs are eating up longs by the hundreds. It’s a landscape filled with pain and charred buildings. I can only look at it with sympathy and continue my plan of acquiring more ETH every month, as this decline worsens.

Markets are strong and I am even stronger.

Good day.

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