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I’m Trying Real Hard

This is my first day back in my office, around all of my monitors and trading set up. It has been a grueling week for me where nothing seems to be going right. My timing is off and usually these squalls pass in a day or two — but this has lasted all week. Instead of mindlessly droning into FANG stocks like I should, I kept waiting for the spec stocks to lift again and they have not. In fact, we are very oversold in small caps and the turn seems to not be coming.

Early going I had some sunlight, made a few good trades and was up nearly 100bps. But the volatility was strong and I was vacillating with wild swings just before we finally legged lower and placed me where I am now -50bps. It doesn’t seem like a lot — but following a week of losses this 50bps decline feels like 10%. It was my hope, of course, to snap the losing streak and close out the week, ahead of Juneteenth, with style. Alas, it appears the stock Gods wish instead of harangue me ahead of this all important holiday and now I am betwixt narratives of obstinately holding and waiting for a bounce, or simply getting out of everything and opt for surgical forays into the market.

At the end of the day, it’s about fitness. All things in life are about fitness. Can I handle the tick tock? Should I? People do things and are motivated by this question in almost every single choice. Can you handle the work? Is the risk worth it? Is this marriage worth saving?

In a perfect world things work out exactly as intended; but that is rarely the case. I am of course fit to withstand losses, especially since I am +200% for 2021. But I didn’t get to +200% by being complacent and just drawing down just because I could. I am constantly changing and my plans are never static. A poor day can turn into great with a single trade. Into the next few hours I will have to make a choice — hope for a heroic turn or accept the fact that only NVDA, DOCU and ROKU trade higher now.

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  1. purdy

    only NVDA, DOCU and ROKU trade higher
    ..and sensibly, SWBI
    ..but homebuilders??

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  2. trumpmeister

    I’m feeling sorry for you, so I’ll throw some chops to the freeloaders out there. I’m buying up massive into big Chinese techs, namely Baba, JD, and Bidu. Biggest position is in Bidu. Autonomous driving and AI stocks are ready to roll higher after July 4.

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