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My Powers Are For Nothing Here

This is the brand of stock market that is my kryptonite. I work best in a runaway train market, boarding onto stocks up 15% and riding them higher. The whack-a-mole tape of now, were sector pop out of nowhere green and other mired and racked in misery is the exact prescription for my demise.

Over in Stocklabs today we even had to Blood Eagle a good paying member of the service in order to draw me back into the favor of the Gods. During this pandemic, we have lost many good men inside of the Pelican Room. Long termers such as DIDDY, JUNGLE, ARMBUSTER, KENMETAL, CHIVO, ROBIN and new members like YOURBOSS will of course be missed. In their stead, we have new members filling the void, people who deal with meat, surveillance and IRS audits are some of the industries featured inside of the Pelican Room.

I shed another 134bps today and find myself deeply depressed and miserable. I am only buttressed by the fact I am +6.2% this month and of course, like the rest of you, look forward to celebrating our newly minted holiday JUNETEENTH this Saturday, amidst all of the pomp and circumstance one could muster.

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  2. barbee

    Mr Market is a fickle lover. Teases us in the morning whispering sweet promises in our ear only to brush us aside in the afternoon. This is no reflection upon our worth.
    The stoic must stand up, step aside and let this rudeness pass us by-then boldly turn about and face the hope of a new day.
    Be assured that tomorrow will bring us all the thrill, challenge and excitement that trading can offer us.
    Cheers and Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow in the Pelican Room!

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