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I was distracted all day but still managed to trade to a gain of 1.2%. I am somewhat bearish on tomorrow’s open and hedged with TZA, XLU and VXX.

The idea that we can freely escape the pangs of GME-DOGE cabal is laughable. Cum Rockets to your face — the Safemoon isn’t really safe. BEHOLD as we descend into hell and cycle fastidiously into the fires of summer.

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  1. soupbone

    Have, can and will escape that. Need oil? Of course you do, we can talk. Uranium? Pent-up demand is coming and noticeable inflation a near certainty.

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  2. roguewave

    Beyond my paygrade, but there must be ways to play the destruction of El Salvador.
    El Salvador’s experiment cannot and will not be permitted to succeed.
    He sounds like a real believer. How will they take him down I wonder.

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