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Short Squeezes Abound

The AMC-PETS-BB-BBBY squeeze extravaganza is likely to continue into next week, possibly even melting higher to new fresh highs. The needles are going haywire today on a variety of squeezes, namely PETS, VLDR, CHPT, DQ, CLOV, EYES just to name a few.

Over in Stocklabs, my trading has been going flawlessly, currently up 200% YTD. I know, but fuck off — everything is transparent. I started this account at $100k in the summer and now look at it.

We are on the cusp of launching SL today. As a matter of fact, if you click on the Stocklabs link here you might access the landing page. Let me describe what happens inside SL. You visit and become enamored with the tools — because they’re so great and the future looks bright. You toil and work really hard and try even harder. You share ideas and cavort inside of our chat room and discuss your ideas and everyone is happy and great and appreciative of your ideas. And then I come along and simply bowl on you. My picks outpace yours to a degree that makes yours useless. Soon enough and not before long, you’ll sit down obediently inside of the Pelican Room with an empty plate, eagerly awaiting me to serve up fresh fish. The idea that you could trade better, more efficiently, than me is laughable.

Don’t you know who the fuck I am?

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  1. roguewave

    Simply amazing. Granted the Fly is a SAM, but 4.5x in stocks can’t last forever. Although it could go for quite some time. It will last until confidence is broken. And we are nowhere near that. Confidence that Jimmy B and his cohorts are your friends, trying to help you. As long as many are willing to wear 3 masks while driving alone across Montana in the middle of the night; it’s game on.

    The Weimar situation was not triggered simply by the insane printing; it was the forced loan levied on the rich – so I’ve been told. If I recall correctly, some were asked (told) to buy bonds (which were later valued at -0-) At that point, everyone started running for the hills and inflation hockey sticked up. I could easily imagen Jimmy reading that from a teleprompter.

    But that doesn’t seem even remotely close to immament, as we say in the bidness. Until then, champagne is flowing on the deck and the band is playing dance tunes. Moon and Mars are within reach.

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  2. trumpmeister

    Nothing special. 10x past 6 months trading cryptos. Back on your Ethereum choo train past 24h. We going back up to 4K again.

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