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Observe as the crypto universe of wealthy geeks lays waste to Elon Musk and his shitty automobile company. Shares of TSLA are down 3% on a day when EV stocks are flying. Clearly, this is a FUCK ELON trade, only further supported by a tremendous rally in BTU (coal) +30% and going.

I am partaking in this trade — because fuck Elon and his lack of empathy. Ironically, I’d like him to burn in the fires now and forever. I am bullish on coal and any EV company but TSLA and also short TSLA — because nothing says a cleaner environment than Elon shutting his filthy mouth.

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  1. metalleg

    Lack of empathy is consistent for someone who suffers from Asperger’s.

    He probably doesn’t care, on an emotional level, whether TSLA stock goes up or down.

    This guy’s clock doesn’t tick like most.

    He’s an oddball of the highest order.

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  2. it is showtime
    it is showtime

    Bcoiners ha ha you have bagholders in your midst

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