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People over the weekend just found out for the first time dirty coal powered Bitcoin. As such in this idiocracy themed world, shares of BTU are surging higher. Wait until they find out it also powered Elon Musk’s Tesla cars.

On this topic, I spit on shares of TSLA and have purchased FSR in protest. We do not support evil at House Fly, ergo, and this goes without saying, fuck Tesla.

Early going, the momentum wants to swing higher — but the devil (margin clerks) are holding it back. I am fully prepared to throw it all on red and sit back, relax, and collect my winnings. Presently, I am down 50bps, but trying really hard to find an opening in the scales to reflect my light upon it.

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  1. mrcharlie

    Greetings Fly! Hope things are well down south. Been afk for some time due to loss brought on by the pandemic last November. What a kick in the pants that was. Getting back into the swing of things recently and feelin more like myself

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  2. narwhal

    Bag boys trade crypto on their phones while working part time for minimum wage at Piggly Wiggly. Last week a debate ensued between an “environmental service worker” aka janitor and the cafeteria boy, wearing a hairnet mind you, about who’s crypto portfolio was better. No market can sustain this level of participation from the lowest rungs of retail.
    Fly, you were early to this party, and have done tremendously well, but you have to admit it’s out of hand at this point. Elon may be a catalyst, but more a scapegoat for a bubble ready to pop. There needs to be a giant rinse cycle.

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