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Markets Are Trying Real Hard

The Dow is still stuck in the mud — but the small caps and tech are really pushing the envelope here in an oversold bounce that may in fact place in a temporary bottom.

Why do I say that?

Because I fucking can.

In Stocklabs our mean reversion algorithms are most oversold since April of 2020. This is as deep a correction as one gets, technically speaking. All of the reliable trading stocks have been fucking destroyed. I’ve been positing a narrative for months now, this is 2014 and we will have a fantastic bounce in May.

Perhaps today was the flush out? Perhaps.

I’ve been in and out of stocks all fucking day, attempting to catch a wave. I have been ebbing and flowing, now flowing down just 200bps. I am at SESSION HIGHS in spite of all of the poor trades — because I had a very large cash position. I am now 100% long, praying to the Gods for a positive resolution.

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