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I Made My Bed, Now I Lay In It

There are times when you can no longer be malleable. You need to stand up for what is good and wholesome in the world, fighting back against the dwellers and bottom feeders, malevolent evil types whose designs are nothing less than frightful.

Some of you will shrink and cower in the comforts of SQQQ or SDOW. “The Fly”, however, will not bow down to the orcs and closed the session at a loss of nearly 200bps, but 90% long and fully long a leveraged Dow instrument into what is certain to be a decisive day for markets. We might herald in a new era of upward moving prices, cast aside the gloom and rub off the patina of this bear market — presented to us wholly and nakedly since February.

But if we fail, all is lost and I’m afraid those redoubts of safety you’ve bee hiding in will soon be overrun by flesh eating humanoids whose only goal is to destroy.

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