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I’m an Oil Man Again

I have traded in and out of oil all day long — being a foremost expert in the field — having grown up on an oil derrick in the rougher, more obscure, areas of Brooklyn where public transportation was unavailable. I’d walk to school for miles thru the horse trails and endure the smell of horse shit at 7am — in the scorching and blistering summer climes, as the oil rigs pumped endlessly in an array of fuckery unseen since the turn of the century.

I am up 70bps now — because I am a MASTER ACE TRADER (MAT). I have bought and sold numerous items and crawled out from a 150bps deficit to make myself a winner. See pal — that’s who the fuck I am and you’re nothing.

I am taking it easy for the balance of the day, trading a little of this and a little of that — 65% cash.

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