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You deserve nothing. You actually get what you get and you like it. The rally in DOGE the past week is just one of many degeneracies plaguing the United Steaks — a meme country with two evenly divided cultures. On on end are batshit crazies and the other is everyone else. Depending on what your bias is, you of course will view the other party as the batshit crazy ones. No one wants to believe that they are in fact mentally addled — ADHD, autistic, OCD, mental midgets. It’s a hard pill to swallow — but once you take it all in — perhaps you can feign normalcy.

Markets have DISLOCATED again and everything high valuation is plunging. This is exactly what transpired in the hellish 2014, a year that shall forever live in infamy for yours truly. This go around, I am smarter, wise, harder to fool — grizzled by centuries of learned knowledge. I have trained my entire life to preside over something like this — the DOGECOIN crowd having their comeuppance. As it happens, DOGE is just about the only crypto left standing. It saddens me to tell you this — but cryptos are rapidly descending into the fires now and will retest Saturday night’s bedlam levels. I know — HODL. But also, go fuck yourself.

The days of easy money and morons on Twitter showing off their tits and profits are over. This is Jim Biden’s American now — the land of active shooters, foreign wars, and a fuck load of losses. BRACE YOURSELVES, however, for an oversold bounce looks probable. Ah, you didn’t see that coming — you piece of shits.

We are OS now and if this is 2014, we might very well enjoy a soiree during the entire month of May. Even during the worst of times there is reprieve.

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  1. metalleg

    “As it happens, DOGE is just about the only crypto left standing.“

    …and ARRR which is getting ready for a ‘rip your face off moment.”

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  2. Raul3

    can we switch the whole ibc public blog to dark mode man? it’s so bright…

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