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The Bounce Is Going to Be Beautiful

You’ll rue the day you were born, if you choose to hold onto those shorts — into the teeth of an already oversold market. Forget about the SPY and the QQQ’s. I am talking about the real market — piece of shit solar and EV stocks. Things are on sale now and if we’re traveling down the haunted roads of 2014, we bounce during May and collapse for the balance of the year.

I have held my butter quite well and have avoided being festooned like the lot of you, all over Wall Street, guts dangling off lamp posts.

Listen to me now: get yourselves vertical and into this shit-shorm now, for a bounce is coming and it’s going to have the biggest tits you’ve ever seen.

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  1. trumpmeister

    Wrong. A few days of 2-4% are ahead. Need to clean out all the overleveraged morons and CW followers. Max pain hasn’t been inflicted just yet. Cryptos will soon though.

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