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I was fooled into a series of blunders this morning. Instead of selling out from my profitable position, up 50bps at the open, I bought more — thanks to Bubble stocks rallying hard at the open. It was and still is my belief that if bubble stocks are rallying, a general overall market rally is just beyond the bend.

Instead of enjoying the fruits of my labour, I now labor in the market, down 60bps, not immune to the CATACLYSM that is seeping thru, ever so gently but pervasively, into the market. I have been fooled; but the day isn’t done and I would bet my entire life, as stupid as that is, that we should rally effervescently today like the warm springs of Georgia — bringing joy and fortune to all those involved.

Overall market breadth is DREADFUL. Small caps are down. However, we are in fact approaching oversold and I believe with all of my wit and spirit that we shall rally. I call upon all of the stock gods, both old and new, to make this happen, in order to assist in the building of my Orbital Space Cannon (OSC), ushering in a new era of anger and demise onto this planet — the likes not seen and endured since the Middled Ages.

I am 40% cash, a bit of an insurance policy in the event the Gods ignore my prayers. I will, however, add to my positions throughout the day — should they sink further into the black morass of loss.

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