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We’re Fighting Hard Now to Reclaim Former Glory

It wasn’t supposed to be like this. Jim Biden was going to usher in a new era of equanimity and prosperity via CLEAN energy and the titans of industry were to applaud him and his grandeur, the king of kings — at the head of all tables. But in recent weeks and frankly more than a month, we’ve been entreated with nothing but doom. Even after the spectacle of stimmy checks and vaccined promises of a better tomorrow, markets have remained, inexorably, in turmoil.

Breadth has improved since this mornings malformed opened. We are up 113 NASDAQS, but the average Joe is now starting to participate. I wonder if this is one of those rug pulls that will make me rue the day I was born, or something of a beginning? Will this increase in verve by tomorrow, or complete reverse and disappoint?

I have positioned for a run and am quickly running out of cash reserves. My gains all minimal, flat really, but I am deeply in the black with hope for a bright tomorrow, windmills and people coughing into each other’s faces for sport.

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