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Quietly Quiet

We are basing here on low volume, in what can be described as a “boring as fuck tape.” I vacillated all day in a tight range and ended near my lows, +50bps. I am 23% cash and feeeeel exposed to this market — because it’s acting differently. What is different about it is the normal vibes I am getting. This is the way the market used to be prior to the COVID induced ramp.

I don’t have strong convictions here and could only say to you to keep stops tight and positions sizes small and scalp gains as fast as you can. The idea of continuation might be a journey into naivety.

On the issue of Exodus — we are currently closed for new subs and will not open back for a period undetermined. We have launched Stocklabs and will be entering beta soon. After we get thru our beta, we will launch it for the general public.

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  1. fxtradepro

    Something may not be passing the smell test with yields at the moment. Something is afoot. Would not be surprised to see a strong open tomorrow, to have it crumble by the close.

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  2. emersonlakepalmer

    45 i just named the caliber i love the most

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