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My Frown Has Turned, Upside Down

We are wading through the innumerable bugs inside Stocklabs. Invites for beta will likely go out early next week. Meanwhile the market took the fuck off. I was fortunate enough to be positioned in some of the finest piece of shit stocks out there and have secured the bag, +160bps for the session. I sold everything but one stock, 95% cash. I did this, not because I am scared of bearish, but because I could.

Moving on, we want to see continuity. We want to see the bears laid out made to look like throw rugs.

Things are the way they should be and always have been. Jog on into the foggy maelstrom and take what is rightfully yours, especially when no one is looking.

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  1. tjnyt

    I have put my trust in god and all my money on $VIAC.

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