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Taking a Shot Here, On the Chinese Burrito

One could never be sure as to what is inside these Chinese publicly traded companies. They are, at times, chocked filled with surprises. Alas, one of the greatest surprises in modern history has been thrust upon us, by none other Mr. Bill Hwang and his Chinese cohorts — who have been zeroed out and margin called into hades. These ramifications, as you readily know, have caused a bit of consternation, if I may be so bold, amongst the investor class — seemingly wiping out whole swaths of retail pleb traders who correlated close to Bill and his cohorts.

In the coming days and perhaps weeks to come, I suspect there might be more shoes to drop. But, just like in a loooong movie, say Seven Samurai, there is always an intermission — whereby the audience is entreated to nice music and perhaps a drink or two, maybe even a cocked tail. I believe one of those intermissions might be here for us now.

As such, I have taken liberties, and it pains me to tell you this, to in fact buy the margin liquidations of the aforementioned plebeian swath who have been wiped out and turned upside down in a negative equity situation, if only for a brief, shall we say, sojourn into depravity.

I have purchased a basket of Chinese centric, or “burritos” as some might call them, in the hopes of a brighter future.

Wish me luck!

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  2. emersonlakepalmer

    Good day inner Wall Street CB circle

    4 gazillion

    I just named a number
    That doesn’t really exist
    But Bitcoin will reach

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  3. awanka

    I’ll have one with asbestos and melamine, Mr. Fly.

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