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Markets Looked into the Abyss and Rallied

Congrats to all of those who got involved. It was a trying day, one originally spawned from hell. But by mid-afternoon that frown turned upside down and so did my prospects. I went from being a complete pussy, just long LABU (triple upside biotech) to almost completely long, left with just 22% cash.

I did so based upon the Sublime Harmony of Mathematical Precision (SHOMP) otherwise known to you as Exodus. Our oversold algorithms screamed OVERSOLD yesterday, and truthfully it never feeeeeeels good buying into that calamity. But the fear soon turns to greed and with it the shock and awe of downward spiraling stocks. I suspect, based upon my positions, we rally intensely tomorrow and cut off the heads, limbs, rip out the guts, of all those betting against the market.

Tomorrow is Friday, live free and rejoice and always remember that a bet against Le Fly is equal to burning one’s entire house down with everyone inside of it.


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    Diddy was shot in a drive-by today

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    And the world yawned….

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