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I was a champion yesterday, somebody who called the market bottom and positioned accordingly. When I started trading today I went thru the normal habit of clearing out the account to book gains and replace said stocks with today’s stock du jour. Nothing could’ve been worse than that. I traded out my Babe Ruth rookie cards for Mookie Wilson’s. I am inexorably fucked now inside of small cap shit, albeit to a small degree. I am attempting to lessen my tragedies with new buys — but the damage has been done.

When in a situation such as this, it’s probably best to BITE THE BULLET and give up all hope of miraculous turns. Even though I have seen them 1 billion times while trading, when fucked in a situation such as this — the stock Gods frown heavily upon you with knitted brows. I will have no choice but to book the losses, scream at myself like a lunatic, and then try again.

For the session, I went from up 50bps to down 100bps.


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  1. emersonlakepalmer

    Mookie Wilson is a legend; but he’s no Mackey Sasser. Long live The Metropolitans.

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