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I’ve never felt better about losing 1.5% in a portfolio that is 80% cash than I do today. Seeing the NASDAQ -200 brings such joy to my soul — because I know so many out there are suffering under the pangs of exposure and I’ll soon be able to purchase their margin calls.

Yes I know I too am losing money and BOO-HOO quite sad. However, let’s look at the bigger picture here. I’m well equipped to withstand the sand storms that approach and will be offered safe passage when the time arises. The market is now filled with rank amateurs and people like me do not like them fiddling with prices and would prefer they go back to work.

It’s very likely the market does nothing what I want and rebounds. However, if it doesn’t, just know, Le Fly will be quite pleased to make a small monetary sacrifice in order to clean the market of its excesses.


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